In this publication we will talk about odds in Lucky Jet.

What is Multiplier in Lucky Jet?

A multiplier is a numerical coefficient that determines the total winnings in a round of Lucky Jet.

The formula is very simple:

{Your bet} * {Multiplier} = Total winnings

Different Lucky Jet Multipliers

Unlike many other Crash Games, Lucky Joe offers multiplier up to 200x. Imagine that with some luck you can increase your bet by as much as 200 times. But we have to be realistic, and understand that the higher the odds, the rarer it is.

In our experience of studying the game mechanics and the analysis of Lucky Jet statistics, we can say that the odds x200 fall no more often than every 3 hours. The coefficient of x50 can be found much more often – on average, once an hour.

What Affects the Odds in Lucky Jet?

Lucky Jet game is based on a random number generator, which makes it impossible to manipulate anything from the outside, so be careful when somebody offers you programs and methods to increase odds or so-called predictors. However, this does not invalidate the fact that there are strategies to increase the chances of getting away with the winnings.

What Was Your Maximum Winning Multiplier?

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What's Your Highest Win Multiplier on Lucky Jet?