To read the Lucky Jet graph, you should understand its main components and what they represent. Here are the essential points to know:

  1. Y-Axis (Vertical Axis): This axis often represents the multiplier value. As Lucky Joe’s flight progresses, the multiplier increases. The higher the jetpack goes, the larger the multiplier.
  2. X-Axis (Horizontal Axis): This axis represents time. From the start of the game (left side) to the end (right side), you can observe how the multiplier grows over time.
  3. Line Graph: The graph is a line that starts from the lower-left corner (indicating the start of the round) and rises towards the right as the multiplier increases. The line’s slope can give you an idea of how quickly the multiplier is increasing.
  4. Crash Point: This is where the line ends abruptly, indicating that the jetpack has crashed. If you didn’t cash out before this point, you lose your bet.

So, the key to reading the Lucky Jet graph is to watch the rising line, which represents the growing multiplier, and try to predict when you think it might crash. You want to cash out your bet before this crash happens. Remember that it’s a game of chance, and the crash point is determined by a random number generator, so it can’t be accurately predicted.

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